Web Design

Before we begin to create the content that will represent your company, drive traffic, and increase sales, we carefully consider every variable that contributes to success. During the planning phase, we assess your organization and your market from the ground up. The information we collect includes your business goals, your target market, and an analysis of your competitors.

This information will provide the foundation of the information architecture and design for your site. We’ll use that foundation to build a website optimized to meet the exact needs of your organization and your customers.

Website Design

Website design is crucial to visitor experience and branding. We will ensure a consistent look and feel across all platforms, from printed materials to the website itself, with your logo and message as the centerpiece of the design aesthetic. You’ll be a big part of the creative process, from choosing a color scheme to brainstorming features. We’ll start with any existing artwork and materials, discuss any changes you’re considering to your existing brand (or help you develop a new brand) and work with your ideas to establish a creative direction.

Once we nail down the basics, we’ll put the plan and design together to create the website. We start by designing the home page, which will have all the key elements of the design that will repeat throughout the site – logo, colors, tone, and style. When the home page is approved, we’ll move forward with the content pages outlined in the planning phase.

Website Development and Programming

With the design elements finished, the menu created, and the initial page structure in place, we’ll begin coding the features that will drive website functionality. Your website will be constructed on a WordPress Platform loaded with features and functions. WordPress provides a rich, SEO optimized environment that will be easy for you to update and manage on your own with minimal experience.

Finally, with the design, architecture, features, and page framework in place, we load the content. This includes text, photos or graphics, page elements like callout boxes and section headers, audio and videos. We’ll also add necessary plugins for displaying videos, interactive forms, donation or payment processing, events, or other features to make your website attractive, interactive, and profitable.